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It’s important to take severe weather conditions seriously. The City of Fort Wayne is a partner with the Allen County Office of Homeland Security and both entities encourage residents and businesses to get prepared and be ready to act when severe weather approaches.

Know your risk: The first step to becoming weather-ready is to understand the type of hazardous weather that can affect you here in Fort Wayne and Allen County and learn what you can do when severe weather strikes.

Act: Before storms strike, develop your severe weather emergency plan. Have at least two separate sources of trusted weather alert information. Check those sources often and check them more often when the chance for severe weather increases. Know what outlook, watch and warning mean. When you receive an alert, be ready to act.

Lead: Share your preparedness story with your friends and family. Letting others know that you are prepared will prompt them to prepare as well. Studies show that people look to their social circles for confirming information and take their cues for action from their friends on social media more than from traditional government sources.

Being weather ready is a whole community effort. A better-prepared, more-resilient Fort Wayne and Allen County begins with you. Know about the risks of severe weather. Develop your plan. Be ready to act and be a leader for preparedness.

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