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Engineering Representative I Accepting Applications pdfEngineering Representative I
Supervisor IV - Community Youth Centers (Cooper Center) Reposting Accepting Applications pdfSupervisor - Community Youth Programs (Cooper Center) Reposting
Engineer V - Sewer & Storm Engineering Accepting Applications pdfEngineer V - Sewer & Storm Engineering
Engineering Associate V - Sewer & Storm Engineer Accepting Applications pdfEngineering Associate V - Sewer & Storm Engineering
Weights & Measures Inspector - Supervisor Reviewing Applications and/or Interviewing pdfWeights & Measures Inspector - Supervisor
Entry Level Dispatcher Accepting Applications pdfEntry Level Dispatcher
Supervisor V - Public Programs and Volunteer Department Reviewing Applications and/or interviewing pdfSupervisor V - Public Programs and Volunteer Development
Industrial Electrical Technician Accepting Applications pdfIndustrial Electrical Technician
Patrol Officer Recruit Reviewing Applications and/or Interviewing pdfPatrol Officer Recruit
Firefighter Recruit Reviewing Applications and/or Interviewing pdfFirefighter Recruit
Program Facility Coordinator-McMillen Community Center Accepting Applications pdfProgram Facility Coordinator-McMillen Community Center
CD Specialist - Planner II Accepting Applications pdfCD Specialist - Planner II
ServiceTech I **Reposting** Reviewing Applications and/or Interviewing pdfService Tech I
Security Person Accepting Applications pdfSecurity Person
Gardener Helper Reviewing Applications and/or Interviewing pdfGardener Helper