The City of Fort Wayne has developed a first-ever energy policy to improve government services and promote energy savings and cleaner air quality. The energy policy was made official through an executive order signed by Mayor Graham Richard.

Key elements of the energy policy:

Energy conservation policies: all city government office equipment will be turned off or placed into energy saving mode at the end of each day.

Idling of city owned vehicles: vehicles will not be allowed to idle for longer than five minutes in any one-hour period. Exceptions include traffic conditions and public safety functions.

City Green Team will work to:
Assess the current status of energy conservation efforts throughout the City
Develop plans to implement goals contained in Green Ribbon Commission report
Set additional goals to improve energy efficiency and sustainable practices

“We are committed to using innovative techniques to improve the environment and provide excellent services to the community,” said Mayor Richard. “Reducing energy costs and air pollution make Fort Wayne more competitive in attracting and retaining jobs.”

The development of an energy policy was a key recommendation from Mayor Richard'€™s Green Ribbon Commission, which last fall outlined a comprehensive energy and clean air plan for the community.