June 4, 2019 - Over the past five years there have been 17 accidental shootings in the City of Fort Wayne of children under the age of 18. This is 17 too many and The Fort Wayne Police Department is making an effort to reduce that number to 0. To do this we need the community’s help.

The Fort Wayne Police Department is proudly partnering with Project ChildSafe to help make our goal of no accidental firearm injuries a reality. Proper security of firearms is vital and is the best way you can help. It all starts with our free cable gun locks, proper use of those locks and proper placement of guns, away from children, in your home.

Throughout the month of June (or while supplies last) the Fort Wayne Police Department will distribute free firearm cable gun locks to all Fort Wayne residents in conjunction with Project ChildSafe, a nationwide child firearms safety education program.

“Public safety continues to be a top priority in the City of Fort Wayne. I respect and appreciate the work that the men and women of the Fort Wayne Police Department perform each day to serve and protect residents, neighborhoods and businesses,” said Mayor Tom Henry. “Fort Wayne’s participation in the Project ChildSafe program is a demonstration of our commitment to ensuring our community is as safe as possible. By working together, we will continue to emphasize the importance of education and using safety precautions when using firearms.”

Own it, Respect it, Secure it! “It is important as gun owners that we make guns less accessible to those who shouldn’t have them. Together we can reduce the number of accidental shootings and create a safer Fort Wayne for our children“ Chief Steve Reed.

For more information on gun safety go to www.projectchildsafe.org