April 30, 2020 - Fort Wayne UNITED in partnership with City Life will host their fourth virtual forum on Thursday, April 30 at 7:30 p.m. and will address the topic of healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This week the panel will include three African-American nurses from Chi Eta Phi Sorority, which is a national professional organization of registered nurses and nursing students, with a local Fort Wayne chapter.

Pat Turner, from Tobacco Free Allen County, will participate as well. Tobacco Free Allen County (TFAC) works to create tobacco free homes, workplaces and public spaces for all people living, working and playing in Allen County and Northeast Indiana. TFAC provides education on tobacco use and exposure risks; advocates for comprehensive smokefree housing, campuses, and workplaces; promotes evidence-based nicotine and tobacco addiction treatment; and seeks to prevent youth from initiating tobacco and nicotine use.

This week's discussion will be focused on the experiences of the nurses from Chi Eta Phi during the COVID-19 pandemic, and their perspectives about how it has impacted the African American community. Also discussed will be the menthol tobacco usage in the African American community, and the increased danger of COVID-19 in the life of a smoker.

Visit wwwfacebook.com/Fort WayneUNITED to view the forum in real time or after the live event.

Fort Wayne UNITED is a Mayoral initiative that places two national efforts, Cities United and My Brother's Keeper, under one umbrella. It is designed to answer the call to enhance opportunities, advance youth advocacy and help create a safer city for all, but more specifically for black men and boys. By bringing together a group of passionate and committed leaders, the initiative will educate, inform and engage the community in an effort to make positive change one neighborhood at a time.

Fort Wayne UNITED’s vision is for every black male in Fort Wayne to be respected and valued with an opportunity to reach their full potential. The mission is to advocate for and implement policies, practices and procedures to ensure equity and opportunity for black fathers, brothers and sons at home, work, school, and the community through collaborative efforts.