December 21, 2022 - The City of Fort Wayne Street Department is preparing for a weather system predicted to bring the possibility of rain, freezing rain and snow to the area later this week. Crews are in the process of converting the trucks used for leaf pick-up over to salt and plow trucks. The Street Department has a full stock of salt and brine. Due to the to the rain predicted to fall before the snow, the roads will not be pre-treated because the rain will wash away the brine.

Residents are encouraged to remind their neighborhood associations to set up their salt barrels near crosswalks and those intersections that may have dangerous curves or inclines. There are requests out for 500 salt barrels to be filled and the Street Department has begun filling them. They expect to have all 500 barrels filled with salt before Friday. The City of Fort Wayne Street Department does not have the resources to salt residential streets.

It usually takes 10-12 hours AFTER the snow stops falling to plow and salt priority one and two streets. Residential streets generally take 48 hours to plow if crews don’t have to move back to priority one or two streets to clear them again.

The Street Department is responsible for 1,200 miles of streets and roads and has 18 snow routes. More information about Street Department efforts can be found at

The City of Fort Wayne’s divisions and departments stand ready to respond to any emergencies. The Street Department is prepared to work around the clock plowing and salting to keep the streets/roads as safe as possible. Public safety (police/fire/animal care and control), water filtration plant operation, water pollution control (wastewater) plant operation, and water and sewer maintenance are leading examples of critical areas of service that will continue to operate. In addition, 911 services will continue to operate.

Bitter cold temperatures, dangerous wind chills, and high winds are expected as well. The Rescue Mission at 404. E. Washington Blvd. is the primary provider for the community’s winter weather contingency and shelter plan and is open. Regardless of temperature, The Rescue Mission provides a warming/day shelter every day from 7 a.m.-6 p.m. Anyone is welcome, provided they follow Rescue Mission guidelines. Three daily meals are provided at 7 a.m., 12 p.m., and 5 p.m. Please enter from the community entrance which is the entrance closest to Matthew 25. Life House, The Rescue Mission’s Emergency Shelter for men, provides overnight emergency shelter for adult men, provided they are able to follow Rescue Mission guidelines. Check in time is from 5:30-9:30 p.m. Charis House, The Rescue Mission’s Transitional Living house for women with or without children, now also provides an emergency shelter for single women with no children. Intakes are done at 404 E. Washington Blvd. from 4:30-6:30 p.m. The women will be transported to Charis House.

Help may be requested from additional partners if necessary.

Those partners include:

-Just Neighbors Interfaith Homeless Network will provide overnight shelter for families with children.

-St. Joseph Missions Women’s Shelter will coordinate and provide overnight shelter for single women. Single women experiencing homelessness can contact the Women’s Shelter directly. If the Shelter isn’t able to provide help, they will direct individuals to The Rescue Mission.

The Rescue Mission oversees the intake of all individuals and families in need of shelter. Anyone in need of shelter needs to first start at The Rescue Mission and not go directly to the other organizations providing help.

As the winter storm progresses, the public should be prepared for the possibility of travel advisories and potential emergencies to be issued.

Residents are encouraged to visit for winter weather updates.