April 3, 2023 - Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation announces that after more than 25 successful years, the Headwaters Park Alliance ended their lease agreement to run Headwaters Park on March 31, 2023. The following day, April 1, 2023, the Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Department assumed the management and day-to-day operations of Headwaters Park and plan to work with the Headwaters Park Alliance to ensure a smooth transition for all festivals, park rentals and other user groups.

Executive Director of the Headwaters Park Alliance Geoff Paddock observes “The Headwaters Park Commission [beginning in 1993] and the Headwaters Park Alliance [beginning in 2001] worked to design, raise private dollars and build and maintain the Headwaters Park Flood Control Project. Over those past three decades we have raised almost $15 million for that purpose.” He continues, “It has been a privilege and honor to serve as the Executive Director of this forward-thinking project for 30 years. We now leave Headwaters Park to the able staff of the Parks Department with substantial festival and ice-skating revenue and a healthy maintenance endowment."

Director of Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Steve McDaniel states “Fort Wayne Parks looks forward to continuing the culture of excellence developed by the Headwaters Park Alliance to    mitigate flooding, enhance economic development and connect the downtown to opportunities for recreation and outdoor education. We expect most aspects of the park to remain the same in the immediate future.”