May 26, 2023 - The City of Fort Wayne installed new Blue Star Banners to honor and recognize City of Fort Wayne residents and City of Fort Wayne government employees who are actively deployed.

The banners will now be displayed on light poles on Lafayette Street, between Brackenridge and Main streets. This location was chosen to give the public a safer option for viewing and photographing banners. 

The following are being honored and recognized with new banners:

Bernadette Hargis, U.S. Army

Alec Wampole, U.S. Army

Spencer Wampole, U.S. Army

Leith Knight, U.S. Army

The following banners that were previously installed will also be displayed in the new location in time for Memorial Day observances:

122nd Fighter Wing

Charles W. Davis, U.S. Air Force

Kyler Doan, U.S. Army

Daniel Belcher, U.S. Air Force

The Blue Star Banner initiative started in May 2014 under the leadership of Mayor Tom Henry and has recognized more than 100 City of Fort Wayne residents and City government employees who have been actively deployed.

Family and friends of deployed military personnel are encouraged to complete an application at