The City of Fort Wayne has developed a public education plan to help residents learn more about the new solid waste contract, which was passed by City Council at its June 28th meeting.

Bill Stuffer
New garbage carts will be provided to customers to hold garbage. The cart sizes are 96 and 48-gallon. Ninety-six gallon carts hold the equivalent of three normal sized garbage containers (33 gallons). The 96-gallon cart is the one used by most residents in other cities with similar programs. The 48-gallon cart holds the equivalent of a little more than one normal sized garbage container.

City Utilities customers will receive a bill stuffer in their August bill explaining the new carts. The bill stuffer is also available online. On the bill stuffer, residents will have the opportunity to fill out a form requesting the smaller, 48-gallon cart. Residents are encouraged to use the 96-gallon cart because it will hold more garbage and yard waste. However, the City recognizes that households with elderly residents, disabled individuals and ones with one person may prefer the smaller cart option.

Neighborhood Meetings
August 1
7 p.m.
Neighborhood Association Presidents Meeting, Omni Room, One Main St.

August 10
6:30 p.m.
Southeast Area Partnership, Calvary Third Presbyterian Church, 4700 S. Anthony Blvd.

August 11
6:30 p.m.
Northeast Area Partnership, Good Shepherd United Methodist Church, 4700 Vance Ave.

August 17
7 p.m.
Southwest Area Partnership, Sears Pavilion in Foster Park

August 18
6:30 p.m.
Northwest Area Partnership, Northridge Baptist Church, 1300 E. Cook Rd.

Display of garbage carts
For the next few months, local grocery stores (Scott's, Kroger and Marsh) will have a display of the carts that will allow residents to see them up close. Carts will be delivered to residents in November and December. When residents receive the new cart it will include information about what to do with their existing garbage container