August 3, 2023 - Mayor Tom Henry today announced specific projects to invest financial resources in to continue to move Fort Wayne forward in a positive direction.

In May, Mayor Henry and City Administration leaders announced that the City of Fort Wayne had received a local income tax supplemental distribution from the State of Indiana of $22.588 million, which is a much larger allocation than in previous years. With the additional funding, neighborhood and infrastructure improvements will total $70 million in 2023, a historic feat for the community.

Mayor Henry’s planned projects have several focus areas that include improvements to Parks, Community Development initiatives, energy and the environment, enhancing quality of life opportunities, strengthening neighborhoods, and continuing Fort Wayne’s positive momentum.

Proposed projects:


-Pontiac Streetscape Phase II - $2.4 million

-Neighborhood park playgrounds - $2 million – Lawton, McMillen, Kettler, Foster, Bob Arnold Northside, Tillman, Turpie Playlot, Kreager, Gren, and Boone

-Pontiac Street Market - $500,000

-Strategic property acquisition in southeast Fort Wayne - $500,000

-Neighborhood street trees - $500,000

-Neighborhood improvement grants - $300,000

-Neighborhood Health Clinic sidewalk - $275,000

-Irish Town common area landscaping as part of the Packard 2030 Plan - $100,000


-Railroad overpass structural work and beautification – Harrison and Fairfield area - $2 million

-LED streetlights - $2 million

-I-69 overpass welcome signage - $750,000


-Riverfront Phase II Tree Canopy Trail - $2 million

-Strategic property acquisition - $2 million

-Urban Trail – Superior Street - $1.875 million
-Riverfront gateway and wayfinding signage - $1.5 million

-Demolition of Pepsi property near the riverfront - $750,000

-Headwaters Park splashpad - $300,000

Public Safety

-Public safety salaries as part of the requirement through the local income tax supplemental distribution from the State of Indiana - $2.1 million

“Fort Wayne’s positive momentum is evident each day as we work together to be the best city possible,” said Mayor Henry. “We’re committed to being good stewards of the additional funding that has come to our community. The projects and initiatives that we’ve identified will have a lasting and meaningful impact.”

Mayor Henry’s Administration is working with City Council to bring the planned initiatives to fruition. The additional appropriation ordinance and projects are scheduled to be discussed at City Council’s meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 8.