August 24, 2023 - Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control encourages the community to keep all pets indoors if possible. Animals exposed to high temperatures, high humidity, and inadequate ventilation can become ill or irritable, and may pose a danger to themselves and to people.  

For anyone who is caring for outdoors pets, please be sure to provide shelter with shade, and fresh water. Clean and fresh water prevents bacteria and from bringing flies and mosquitoes. The larvae from mosquitoes can cause heartworm in dogs and cats. 

Do not leave any animal in a parked car, even if the windows are down.

Leave the walks with your dog for early morning or late evenings when the sun and/or heat is not as strong. Parents are urged not to allow children to exercise a dog while the child is riding a bicycle or skating. The dog may get over heated and children don't always know when to stop.

If an animal is panting excessively, or vomiting, or having difficulty walking in extreme heat, it may be suffering from heat stroke.  If you suspect an animal is in trouble, move the animal to a cool place out of the direct sun and use cool water to lower its body temperature.  Contact a veterinarian right away. 

If you are concerned for the safety of an animal that is being kept outside and is showing signs of distress, please don't hesitate to call us at (260) 427-1244 option 1.