August 31, 2023 - Friendly, the Clean Drains Fort Wayne spokes-otter, is extending the registration deadline for Clean the Drains Day to September 6, 2023, because of the holiday weekend. The extension gives individuals, neighborhoods, churches, businesses, and organizations a few extra days to submit their registration form at

Clean the Drains Day is a wonderful opportunity to come together, make a positive difference, and ensure that only rain finds its way into the drains. 

Step up and pitch in to protect your neighborhood, our creeks, streams, rivers, and even your pond. Register by September 6 at to secure your spot and be part of a movement that's sweeping positive change across our city.

Friends of the Rivers and City Utilities are organizing the event for volunteers to clear storm drains of debris and trash and then mark them with a special medallion on September 23 or any day that week beginning on the 16th. 

Drain Stormers will receive a kit with all the equipment and instructions needed and a commemorative tee shirt for each volunteer. Clearing drains safeguards our community, preventing floods and pollution. Storm drains, often unnoticed, play a crucial role in our city's well-being.

Time is short. Be a part of this vital community event. Sign up by September 6, 2023, for Clean the Drains Day.