December 12, 2023 - City of Fort Wayne leaders today announced a record of over $40 million in neighborhood infrastructure improvements occurred throughout the community this construction season.

Mayor Tom Henry and Public Works Division leaders joined other elected officials and neighborhood advocates to highlight the North Triangle neighborhood improvement project, which was one of the major investments this year. The North Triangle Neighborhood is located just north of downtown near North Side High School and Glenbrook Mall and is part of the Spy Run Neighborhood Planning Area. 

The work in North Triangle involved reconstructing the concrete streets and curbs, and upgrading sidewalk and curb ramps to meet ADA requirements. All of the areas disturbed by construction were restored to their original condition, including yards and park strips. Prior to this project, all of the streets in North Triangle were in poor or very poor condition.

In addition to this project, all four quadrants of the City saw enhancements through investments that included sidewalks, street lighting, concrete street reconstruction, asphalt resurfacing, chip and seal, trails, alleys and bridges.

Neighborhood infrastructure highlights:

*2 arterial rehabilitation projects

*7 neighborhood street rehabilitation projects

*35.7 miles of contracted asphalt resurfacing (including several multi-lane arterials)

*9 miles of in-house asphalt resurfacing

*28 projects in study, design, permitting or land acquisition stage

*3 bridge rehabilitation/replacement projects

*4 brick alley/street repair projects

*26 concrete alley replacements

*2 new sidewalk construction projects

*2 new trail projects

*9 traffic projects

*7.2 miles of chip and seal to asphalt conversions

Projects carried forward from 2022

*Veterans Memorial Bridge rehabilitation project

*1 sidewalk project

*3 trail projects

*1 neighborhood street rehabilitation project

Looking ahead to 2024, residents and businesses will see a continuation of the City's commitment to neighborhood infrastructure projects with a planned record investment of 48.9 million, which includes 37.4 million for streets/roads/bridges, 9.4 million for sidewalks and alleys, and 2.1 million for trails. Since 2014, the City has invested more than $297 million in neighborhood infrastructure enhancements.

“We’re fortunate to have strong and vibrant neighborhoods that are growing and thriving. One way to ensure ongoing progress in our neighborhoods is by constantly addressing infrastructure needs,” said Mayor Henry. “We’ve had a successful construction season and there’s much more to come next year. It’s remarkable how many positive strides we’ve been able to make over the past several years. By working together, we’re making a lasting and meaningful difference.”