March 26, 2024 - The City of Fort Wayne’s Public Works Division has established a proactive neighborhood resurfacing plan for 2024. The improvement packages for the four quadrants in the City are scheduled to be read into the record at tonight’s City Council meeting during the Council’s Regular Session. The resurfacing packages total just under $6 million. Discussion and a possible vote on the packages will likely occur in April.

The resurfacing packages are part of the City’s record plan of nearly $50 million in neighborhood infrastructure projects this year. A complete list of projects will be announced in April. Since 2014, the City has invested nearly $300 million in neighborhood infrastructure enhancements.

Packages to be presented:

Northwest; E&B Paving for $1.378 million
Northeast; Wayne Asphalt for $1.470 million
Southeast; Brooks Construction for $1.344 million
Southwest; E&B Paving for $1.388 million

“Paving projects in neighborhoods are critical as we work together to help ensure our local infrastructure system is safe and efficient,” said Mayor Tom Henry. “I’m looking forward to an outstanding construction season as we’ll see improvements to streets, roads, sidewalks, alleys, curbs, bridges, and trails. Neighborhoods are the backbone of Fort Wayne and a top priority of my administration.”

To learn more about the 2024 Street Resurfacing Projects: