April 17, 2024 - The City of Fort Wayne’s Community Development Division is now accepting applications from homeowners in eligible neighborhoods for the Curb Appeal Program.  This pilot program is in its second year and is designed to support neighborhood revitalization by incentivizing property owners to repair or enhance their property's exterior appearance. The program reimburses eligible homeowners for project costs up to $2,500. Participants in the program must provide a minimum of 20% matching funds. Funding will be allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis until all program funds are allocated.

All projects must be visible from the public sidewalk and/or street right of way. To see examples of eligible projects and expenditures, as well as to view the Curb Appeal Program guideline and documents, visit: https://engage.cityoffortwayne.org/curb-appeal. Residents are encouraged to utilize the website as a reference for FAQ’s, eligibility map, 2023 before and after pictures, and for completing and submitting applications. Paper applications are available at the Allen County Public Library branches located in eligible neighborhoods, including Main, Waynedale, Shawnee, Hessen Cassel, Pontiac, Little Turtle, and Tecumseh.

The program will be available to owners of residential properties within eligible neighborhoods. Eligible neighborhoods are those neighborhoods that have an active neighborhood plan or are actively involved in developing a neighborhood plan in partnership with the Community Development Division and the Neighborhood Planning and Activation Workgroup.

“Curb Appeal improvements are about more than just aesthetic enhancements. They are essential to beautifying our neighborhoods and creating spaces that people are proud to call home,” said Community Development Deputy Director Kelly Lundberg.

Goals of the program:

  • Assist in neighborhood revitalization and improve its appearance and image
  • Improve the value of housing within eligible neighborhoods
  • Provide property owners with resources to make improvements to the exterior of their homes and their property
  • Assist with improvement projects and investments that may not otherwise take place
  • Encourage further investment by neighboring and nearby property owners
  • Promote safe housing