April 19, 2024 - The City of Fort Wayne's Community Development Division announces that due to a significant volume of applications, the Curb Appeal Program will be closed as of 5 pm Wednesday, April 24.

All eligible applications received by the deadline will be reviewed on a sequential basis. Applications that exceed the program's current funds will be placed on a waitlist. If additional funding for the program becomes available, it will be allotted to applicants on the waitlist on a first-qualified, first-served basis until all remaining funds are allocated.

All projects must be visible from the public sidewalk and/or street right of way. To see examples of eligible projects and expenditures, as well as to view the Curb Appeal Program guideline and documents, visit: https://engage.cityoffortwayne.org/curb-appeal. Residents are encouraged to utilize the website as a reference for FAQ’s, eligibility map, 2023 before and after pictures, and for completing and submitting applications.

The program is available to owners of residential properties, as well as rental properties that have Housing Choice Voucher tenants, within eligible neighborhoods. Eligible neighborhoods are those neighborhoods that have an active neighborhood plan or are actively involved in developing a neighborhood plan in partnership with the Community Development Division and the Neighborhood Planning and Activation Workgroup.