The City’s Flood Control Department will upgrade its current automated flood warning system with new hardware thanks to a $95,000 grant from the National Weather Service.

The flood warning system alerts City personnel to flooding risks and allows for proactive mobilization of workers and equipment to fight floods.

The City has experienced numerous floods in the past few years. Since July 2003, several steps have been taken to improve flood fighting.

* New river forecasting sites on all three rivers
* New levee patrol packets
* Updated manual flood gauges
* Additional storage space for filled sandbags
* Flood hotline
* Flood information on City TV Comcast Channel 58
* Improved website

Later this fall, City Utilities will present a comprehensive plan to City Council on how to use local resources to reduce the risk of flooding in high risk areas. The plan calls for flood protection projects along the Spy Run watershed, St. Marys River and Fairfield Ditch. Additional improvements would include purchasing chronically flooded properties, addressing drainage problems and meeting stormwater quality regulations.