The Fort Wayne-Allen County Office of Homeland Security rolled out its new Mobile Communications Center today at the City of Fort Wayne'€™s Radio Shop. The 24-foot communications truck contains state-of-the-art equipment that will help to provide emergency responders with the information and communications capabilities that they will need when responding to emergencies throughout the City of Fort Wayne, Allen County, and Northeast Indiana.

“Timely, accurate and reliable information is needed in every emergency. This vehicle is designed to incorporate the latest technologies that will help to get the right information to the right people at the right time,” said Bernie Beier, Director of Homeland Security.  “Second only to good leaders, good communications is paramount in every operation.”

The $250,000 vehicle was purchased through the State Homeland Security Grant Program. “Our local communities have benefited greatly from the hard work and steadfast support from our partners at the Indiana Department of Homeland Security,” said Beier. “Acquiring this great piece of equipment, training on it and incorporating it into our exercise and response plans will significantly enhance our local capabilities and help to make us better prepared for the unexpected than we have ever been.”

The vehicle was primarily designed by those who will operate in it. Radio Dispatchers, Supervisors, Team Members, and Radio Technicians provided most of the input. They worked with the manufacturer, Farber Specialty Vehicles, to complete the custom vehicle.

The new Emergency Communications Vehicle will service all jurisdictions, agencies and departments within Allen County and will eventually be included into regional planning and be made available to neighboring counties during emergencies.