City officials today led a groundbreaking ceremony to mark the beginning of construction of the nearly $2 million Parkerdale sanitary sewer extension project. The project will also result in the elimination of 118 septic systems.

The Parkerdale area in northeast Fort Wayne is the top target area for septic tank removal. Currently, the wastewater from the Parkerdale area is discharged through failing and underperforming septic systems. Most of the systems are noncompliant with local and state septic system standards. The discharge of the septic systems reaches the St. Joseph River, the City'€™s source for drinking water.

"Septic tank removal is a key step in the right direction for a better environment and a better quality of life for our community," said Greg Meszaros, Director of Public Works and City Utilities. "This proactive project helps make Fort Wayne a leader in providing excellent services to our customers."

The City was able to move forward with the project with the assistance of a State Revolving Fund loan. Property owners in the affected area will share in the cost of the project. The Fort Wayne-Allen County Department of Health provided the City with needed data on the septic systems in the Parkerdale area.

Geiger Developing is the contractor for the work. Nearly 18,400 lineal feet of sewer piping will be installed as part of the project. Construction is expected to take 10-12 months.

City leaders were joined by officials from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM), the Fort Wayne-Allen County Department of Health, and the St. Joseph River Watershed Initiative.