The City of Fort Wayne will host an iTeam meeting from 6-8 p.m. Thursday, September 29 at the Northeast Indiana Innovation Center, 3201 Stellhorn Rd. The meeting is for individuals who have shown an interest in iTeams and City employees interested in joining an iTeam.

Fort Wayne Mayor Graham Richard created the iTeams as part of his "Innovation Initiative" announced earlier this year. iTeams promote innovation and investment.

Three iTeams have already been developed. The NetLiteracy iTeam is aimed at empowering youths to increase computer availability and Internet literacy for underserved youth, families and seniors. The Hearing Impaired iTeam is working to bring greater independence to the deaf and hearing impaired community by developing a video relay service on a broadband network. The Virtual Medicine Eye iTeam is working to provide real-time diagnosis for diabetic patients with possible retinal problems. Each team will also examine ways to deal with digital divide challenges.

Additional teams will examine areas such as health care information systems, intelligent transportation tools, public safety, learning technology, advanced manufacturing, and library services.

The Northeast Indiana Innovation Center will provide training for iTeam leaders and members. The training sessions will include how to think outside of the box, idea management and process facilitation, business planning, and commercialization.