The City of Fort Wayne is using new computer software to reduce idle times on several vehicles in the City'€™s fleet. The new program, part of the City'€™s continuing Green City Initiative, is designed to reduce fuel costs and lower emissions to improve air quality.

If a vehicle idles for more than 20 minutes, the software shuts off the engine. The technology is being used on 35 International models and 13 Sterling models. More vehicles will be added to the program in the coming months.

**City Green City Initiative**
* Green Ribbon Commission established to develop a comprehensive energy and air quality plan.

* 13 hybrid vehicles in use and 16 vehicles that run on ethanol fuel.

* 300 vehicles running on biodiesel fuel.

* Fuel savings; over $217,000.

* Construct a new mile of greenway along the Towpath Trail. The trail will eventually link the City and New Haven with the Aboite area. More than four miles of the Rivergreenway will be paved in 2006.