Mayor Graham Richard tonight announced the City of Fort Wayne will invest $60 million to upgrade transportation, water, sewer, and stormwater systems. Mayor Richard made the announcement as part of his Report to the People speech to the Northwest Area Partnership.

“Infrastructure investments will assist our community and region in retaining and gaining quality jobs,” said Mayor Richard. “We must build a better city to be more competitive in attracting new businesses. Our continued commitment to investing in roads and water and sewer lines provides residents and businesses with a great quality of life.”

Planned transportation highlights

* Widening and reconstruction of St. Joseph Center Road from St. Joe to Reed roads. ($7.5 million)
* Final phase of Ardmore Avenue extension. Ardmore will be connected from Airport Expressway to Indianapolis Road. An existing bridge across the Fairfield Ditch on Lower Huntington will also be reconstructed to provide turn lanes at the newly signalized intersection at Ardmore and Lower Huntington. ($5.8 million)
* Traffic signal and turn lanes at intersection of Stellhorn and Wheelock roads. (300,000)
* Traffic signal and left turn lanes to be added at intersection of Ardmore Avenue

and Taylor Street. ($700,000)
* Jefferson Boulevard will be widened to add westbound traffic lane from Illinois Road to railroad viaduct. ($800,000)
* Illinois Road widening at Magnavox Way intersection and addition of traffic lanes and upgraded traffic signals. ($500,000)
* Change one-way to two-way traffic on Covington Road between Getz Road and Jefferson Boulevard. Relocate Time Corners shopping center signalized access and additional turn lanes. ($3.6 million)
* Widening of Washington Center Roadto provide center turn lane onto Dartmouth Drive. ($1 million)
* Traffic signal and turn lanes at intersection of Butler and Hillegas roads. ($700,000)

Planned water highlights

* Water Filtration Plant '€“ new north pump building and St. Joe Dam electrical and pumping upgrades. ($15 million)
* Phase three of Lake Avenue feeder main project to improve water system performance. ($750,000)
* New water mains in Colonial Heritage addition in southwest area. ($675,000)
* New water mains in Bluffton and Lower Huntington roads area. ($500,000)

Planned sewer highlights
* New sewers for partial separation of storm and sanitary flows to reduce combined sewer overflows in McMillen Park neighborhoods area. ($1.8 million)

* Reconstruction of drainage channel to reduce flooding in Westmore Addition area in southwest Fort Wayne. ($1.1 million)

Planned stormwater highlights

* Flood control protection in Woodhurst neighborhood. ($1.6 million)

* Flood control protection in Tillman Road area. ($850,000)
* Flood control protection in Park/Thompson area. ($900,000)

* Several drainage improvement projects in the Aboite area. ($350,000)