Leaders of several local trail groups have formed a Towpath Trail Task Force to promote the expansion of regional greenway connectivity.

Construction will begin this year on the Towpath Trail, a multi-use pedestrian/bicycle pathway connecting Aboite Township with the Fort Wayne and New Haven Rivergreenway system. The trail will be completed in the next two years.

The Towpath Trail will begin in Rockhill Park and extend from Engle Road to West Jefferson Boulevard to a yet to be determined cross point. The trail will ultimately connect to the trail system being developed by Aboite New Trails. The trail will follow the old Wabash and Erie Canal towpath, which was the dirt path along the canal used by mules to tow boats. The task force will meet monthly to ensure the maximum utilization of resources and trail designs to name a few.

Task Force members
* George DeRoche '€“ Greenway Consortium

* Roger Goodland '€“ Greenway Consortium

* Dawn Ritchie '€“ City of Fort Wayne Greenways Manager

* Paul McAfee '€“ Executive Director of Little River Wetlands Project

* Lori Keys '€“ Executive Director of Aboite New Trails

* Bob Schmidt '€“ Canal Society of Indiana

* Bill Hartman '€“ Acting Executive Director of the Allen County Highway Department