Mayor Graham Richard tonight announced that the City will invest $58 million in transportation, water, sewer, and stormwater projects in 2006. Mayor Richard made the announcement during his Report to the People speech to the Northwest Area Partnership.

"A commitment to infrastructure assists us in efforts to create jobs and new businesses," said Mayor Richard. "Economic growth and an improved quality of life will make Fort Wayne competitive in attracting private investments."

Transportation improvements - a few highlights
St. Joseph Center Road from St. Joe to Reed roads
* This project will feature the reconstruction and widening of the roadway
Ardmore Avenue extension
* Ardmore will be extended to three lanes from Indianapolis to Lower Huntington roads
South Anthony Boulevard from Tillman to Paulding roads
* Concrete street improvements will be made
Production Road/Cook Road
* Concrete street repairs will be made in these areas
Time Corners 
* This area will be reconfigured to improve traffic flow and safety
St. Joseph Center-Lahmeyer roads intersection
* Turn lanes will be added and the area will be signalized

Water and Stormwater improvements - a few highlights
Glenwood Park/Indian Village/South Monroe
* New water mains will be constructed in these areas

Ludwig Park/Royal Oaks
* Stormwater drainage improvements will be made in these areas
Goshen Road
* Drainage improvements will be made near the Goshen Road underpass to alleviate flooding
Aboite area
* $500,000 will be invested in stormwater drainage improvements

Sewer improvements - a few highlights
* New sanitary sewers will be constructed to replace septic tanks

McMillen neighborhood
* New sewers will be constructed in neighborhoods around McMillen Park

Sherwood Terrace
* Sewer improvements will be made in this area
Huguenard Road
* A sanitary sewer will be extended in this area
Leesburg Road
* A sanitary sewer will be extended in this area

Street Paving
The City plans to pave around 50 miles of streets in 2006. A few of the many planned locations include:
Plaza from Paulding to Pettit

Abbott from Rudisill to Oxford

Wallace from Clinton to Calhoun

Drexel from Alexander to Queen

Frosch from Waycross to Hessen Cassel

Catalpa from Taylor to West Jefferson

South Bend from Getz to West Jefferson

Liberty Mills from Homestead to Amber

Covington from Homestead west to the city limits

Baer from Lower Huntington to Airport Expressway

Rudisill from Broadway to South Wayne

Old Mill from Lexington to Rudisill

Goeglein from Stellhorn to Trier

Hazelett from Rothman to St. Joe Center

California from Parnell to Coliseum

Rothman from Young to Tanbark

Kenwood from Carew to Beacon

Washington Center from Huguenard to Goshen

Cook from Lima to Di Salle

Industrial from Ley to Coliseum

Sherman from Loch Lomond to Franke Park Dr
Jacobs from Wells to Clinton