The City of Fort Wayne Division of Public Works provides services that are essential to citizens’ daily lives. We provide vital support to neighborhoods, business, and economic development projects.at1

Active Transportation, the mobility of pedestrians and bicyclists, is a growing part of the Public Works Division. Besides a strong commitment to the maintenance and improvement of roads we make significant improvements and connections in the way of sidewalks, trails, and bike lanes, improving safety, connectivity and strengthening neighborhoods.

In the past 11 years, Public Works has added 57 miles of new trails, 45 miles of new sidewalks,10.25 miles of bike lanes, 8.3 miles of Share the Road signs, 800 wider and more visible piano key pedestrian crosswalks, 1200 new pedestrian crossing signals, 700 new ADA ramps each year for a total of 7,700 and 350 bike racks. There's more to come.

at2 All of these additions make our city more accessible and connected while also promoting a healthy lifestyle and serving the needs of our community.

We are hosting the third annual Open Streets Fort Wayne event, to highlight our commitment to Active Transportation and showcase the safe accessibility of our sidewalks, trails and pedestrian and bicycle safety improvement. We encourage all residents to take advantage of the many miles of trails, sidewalks, and biking lanes throughout our city.at4at4