May 17, 2024 - Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control (FWACC) is urgently asking for help from the community by becoming a foster family. FWACC is seeing a record-breaking number of kittens coming to the shelter. Currently, 64 foster families are caring for 278 cats/kittens.

“Our foster families play a vital role in helping save lives by opening their homes to animals who need a bit of extra love and care to get them ready for their forever home,” says Director Amy-Jo Sites. “As an open-access shelter, one of our larger populations that come in are kittens and mother cats. If one has room for a popup playpen, provided by us, they have space to foster.”

Fostering is completely free and foster families are provided with food, supplies, and all medical care needs; all supplies are free thanks to a private donor. All a foster family provides is a temporary loving home. Foster families will typically care for a pet for a period of a few weeks to about a month until they reach 2 pounds and are ready to come back to the shelter for the spay/neuter surgery to go into the adoption program. If someone is interested in becoming a foster, please apply here