The Right-Of-Way (ROW) Department falls under the authority and jurisdiction of the Public Works Division. Our mission is to provide the best service, at the lowest possible cost, for Fort Wayne citizens. This department includes the Right-of-Way Permit Office, where barricade and other construction related permits are obtained for using or building in City-owned right-of-way property. This department issues, processes and handles more than 3,000 permits annually. In general, all departmental expenses are off-set by permit revenues. For more information about specific permits and applications, call 427-6155.



  • Insure all excavations in the rights-of-way are properly restored in order to minimize damage to public property.

  • Insure all non-City funded construction occurring in the rights-of-way adheres to City engineering standards and specifications through our permit process, inspections and enforcement efforts.

  • Review & analyze infrastructure placement requests in order to optimize facilities placement while minimizing infrastructure conflicts within the rights-of-way.

  • Investigate and approve Encroachment Agreements.   Click here for an outline of the process for Encroachment Agreements.                                               

  •                  Click here for the application.  Encroachment Application

  • Respond to and resolve all citizens' complaints falling within our jurisdiction through appropriate enforcement of City ordinances.

  • Respond to a variety of neighborhood concerns that in some fashion relates to the public rights-of-way. Click here for frequently asked questions.

  • Review & analyze all Cell & Utility Tower requests and placement.



Permitting & General Questions:    260-427-6155
Violation Letters:                              260-427-2721



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   Permits - Click here for details, downloadable permit forms and information on permits through the ROW Department


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