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Contact Us 

To visit in person: 
Citizens Square
200 East Berry St, Suite 210
Fort Wayne, IN 46802
Applicants seeking to obtain approval for construction upon or usage of the City of Fort Wayne right-of-way:
Click here to apply online
Contact the office for further information at  (260) 427-6155
General right-of-way or permit inquiries:  (260) 427-6155               
Questions regarding a violation letter: (260) 427-2721


    • The Right-of-Way (ROW) Department falls under the authority and jurisdiction of the Divison of Public Works.
    • The department is comprised of the permit office which is responsible for the processing and issuance of over 3,000 permit applications annually, as well as the ROW Enforcement Inspectors who address neighborhood right-of-way concerns to ensure the safety of pedestrians and motorists alike.
    • The office issues permits for construction activity (such as new and/or reconstruction of sidewalks, drive approaches and parking lots) that will occur in the right-of-way as well as providing approval for block parties, parades and events that will take place on City property.
    • The City of Fort Wayne Right-of-Way Department is committed to providing efficient, superior service, at the lowest possible cost to our fellow neighbors.
    • In general, all departmental expenses are off-set by permit revenues
    • Click here for frequently asked questions


    • Ensure all excavations in the rights-of-way are properly restored in order to minimize damage to public property.
    • Ensure all non-City funded construction occurring in the rights-of-way adheres to City engineering standards and specifications through our permit process, inspections and enforcement efforts.
    • Investigate and approve Encroachment Agreements. 
    • Respond to a variety of neighborhood concerns that in some fashion relates to the public rights-of-way.
    • Respond to and resolve all citizens' complaints falling within our jurisdiction through appropriate enforcement of City ordinances
    • Review & analyze infrastructure placement requests in order to optimize facilities placement while minimizing infrastructure conflicts within the rights-of-way

50/50 Cost Sharing Program:

    • The City of Fort Wayne cost sharing program for sidewalk repair is a great option for residents seeking to partner with the city in having improvements made in their neighborhood. Under this program, the City and the petitioning resident (or residents) will pay 50 percent of the cost of the repairs
    • Click link for additional information: 5050icona

Types of Permits:

Encroachment Agreements:

Fort Wayne City Code:

Right of Way Code Enforcement:

ADA Curb Ramp Package:

    • Constructing ADA curb ramps, including some curb and sidewalks adjacent to new ramps
  • Guardrail and Attenuator Repair Package:
  • Additional details coming soon
Miscellaneous Concrete Package:
    • Replacement of various streets, curbs, sidewalks, ramps, medians, curb islands, ramps, or other area in need of grading for drainage

Sidewalk Leveling Package:

    • Additional details coming soon

Sidewalk Trip Hazard Package:

    • Additional details coming soon

Tree Removal Package:

    • Additional details coming soon

Traffic Signal Cabinet Art Program   (New 4/25/19)


Indiana Underground Plant Protection Service