Access Permits (Driveway - Construction/Reconstruction)

  • Application is submitted to the Right of Way Department and must include plan detailing the geometrics and construction specifications.
  • The Right of Way Department reviews application and plan detail
  • The application then gets routed (when necessary) through the City Engineering and Planning Departments (hese departments review the permit based on their areas of expertise, providing feedback, comments and requirements necessary for approval.)
  • The applicant is contacted with the application status after the routing process is complete
  • Once permit is routed and approved, a pre-pour inspection is required
  • A Right of Way Inspector performs the inspection, to ensure adequate form, grade and specifications, according to the approved plan and permit
Permit Fees: 
  • Residential — $50.00  
    Commercial New Construction — $250.00  
    Commercial Reconstruction — $125.00
    Commercial with Taper Lanes — $500.00

Barricade Permits (Traffic, Sidewalk, Parking Lane Restrictions/Closures)

These permits are used to insure that proper notice is sent to the public and that proper and safe signing occurs whenever an obstruction is present within the traveled way. The primary focus is on public safety.

  • Applications to restrict any portion of a City owned traveled way are required by City Ordinance to be submitted to the Right of Way Department a mininimum of 48 business hours in advance (Refer to Chapter 99 of the City of Fort Wayne Ordinance for further details)
  • Barricade applications submitted to the Right of Way Department are required to be routed to Traffic Engineering and the Police Department for review and approval before final issuance
Permit Fees: 
    • Permit pricing depends on the classification of the streets being blocked and the length of time obstruction will be present
    • Please contact the office for permit fee structure

Block Party / Parade & Walk-Run Event Permits

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic - large gatherings may not be approved until Stage 5 for public health safety.

These permits are used to insure that special events occurring in the City of Fort Wayne – including block parties and parades – do not cause major obstructions for the public.

  • Permits for both block parties & parades must be completed at a minimum of 10 working days in advance prior to the event.
  • Please note that certain events which require significant impacts to sidewalks or roadways should be discussed with the ROW Department up to 3 months in advance of the event
  • Coordination with FWPD may be required, and the applicant may be responsible for providing additional barricades at their own cost depending on the impact, time frame and roadways involved
  • Special considerations and coordination may be necessary on roads that are used for public transportation.
  • Block parties will not be allowed on major corridors within the City.
  • Please contact the office if you need clarification or assistance with planning the event
Permit Fees: 

Block Party / Neighborhood Association Parade — $15.00
          *Application must include required signatures from residents affected  

Public Assemblies (over 25 people) and Parades or Walk/Run Events - $50.00  

Excavation Permits 

Issuance of an Excavation Permit (Right of Way cut permit), allows for the excavation of rights-of-way (streets, alleys, sidewalks and park strips) for the maintenance or installation of infrastructure, both public and private.

  • The permit process is used to avoid potential facility location conflicts, to ensure that proper restoration of the cut is completed, and to protect the public from undue hazards arising as a result of excavations
  • In 1998, the State of Indiana changed the law pertaining to utility use of the public rights of way and made it clear that cities could recover the direct costs inherent in managing this public resource. As a result, we have re-examined our costs and procedures that pertain to utility occupation of our rights of way in order to ensure that our costs of running this department are fully recovered through permit fees, as authorized by Indiana Code
  • More specific information on Cut Permits can be found on the Chapter 99 page of the City of Fort Wayne Ordinace 
  • Upon issuance of an excavation permit, an inspector will visit the site where the excavation is occurring in order to ensure that City engineering and safety standards and specifications are being followed by the applicant during the course of the work.
  • After the work is completed and the rights of way restored to an original condition or better, the inspector will re-visit the site to determine the acceptability of the cut restoration.
Permit Fees
Roadway - $175.00 / Non-roadway - $80.00 

Parking Lot Permits

A Parking Lot Permit is required in order to construct, expand or substantially alter a parking lot, to insure compliance with the
City of Fort Wayne Zoning Ordinance.

  • The application is completed and submitted to the Right of Way Department along with a plan detailing the request.
  • The Plan must address construction materials and specifications, drainage information and screening/landscaping information.
  • After collecting the necessary information, the application is routed through the City Engineering and Planning Departments.
    • These departments review the permit based on their areas of expertise, providing feedback, comments and requirements necessary for approval.
  • Once the routing process has been completed, the applicant is contacted and informed of the status of the application
  • Note - Per Access Standards Manual:
    • * Only one Residential Driveway is permitted per lot along a street frontage.
      * Corner Lots or Lots with 100' of Frontage or more may be considered for dual "horseshoe" driveways.
      * Dual entrance driveways must be connected.
  • Parking Lot Permit Application Form pdf
Permit Fees: 
  • Parking Lot Size <100,000 Sq Ft — $100.00  
    Parking Lot Size >100,000 Sq Ft — $200.00 

Sidewalk Permits 

In order to construct or reconstruct a public sidewalk, a Sidewalk Permit is required, obtainable from the Right of Way Department. These permits insure that sidewalks are placed at the proper grade and line and that new construction adheres to accessibility requirements.

  • Routing of the application typically is not necessary so approvals can usually be obtained fairly quickly.
    • Construction Standard Details
    • Reconstruction of existing sidewalk: $15.00
    • Installation of new sidewalk where none previously existed: $30.00
Permit Fees: 
  • Reconstruction of existing sidewalk - $15.00
    Installation of new sidewalk where none previously existed - $30.00