Statement Regarding Small Cell Tower Construction Within the City of Fort Waynecell tower


The City of Fort Wayne is taking applications for new or replacement utility or small cell tower poles. Any above ground utility pole, node, support structure, line, or overhead structure shall not be placed unless first a review application is provided to the Right of Way Department. Review applications may be obtained from the Right of Way Permitting Department or through the link below and submitted to the Right of Way Department for review.

Pole/tower applications will be reviewed by a committee of members representing various departments within the City of Fort Wayne. Applications will be reviewed for completeness, impact to existing underground and above ground utilities, review of historic or protected districts, local zoning compliance, aesthetic comparison with surrounding structures and statements regarding co-location and feasibility of design and location selections.  The city strives to maintain a level of consistency with design and placement on behalf of the businesses, residents and local corridor groups.


Utility Tower Ordinance  **Parts of the Ordinance have been negated due to HB 1050 **

Installation Guidelines

Design Guidelines 2023

Lighting Standards 

Application Process

Above Ground Utility Pole Application

Application To Install Pole Line (Submit AFTER  Application is reviewed and approved)

Section 106 Review Notice


Below is a link to a GIS map that shows the locations of pending and current small cell towers (SCTs) in the City of Fort Wayne that provide 4G or 5G service through Verizon Wireless.

Be advised that the information provided comes from multiple sources which may, in part, not be current or entirely accurate. Users should verify information for accuracy before making project commitments by contacting the Right of Way Department.


GIS Dashboard Map



2022 Cell Tower Applications -  Last Updated April 2023

2023 Cell Tower Applications - Last Updated April 2023

 The following link can be used to help determine area Zoning for proposed locations.




Right of Way Department
Citizens Square
200 East Berry Street, Suite 210
Fort Wayne, IN 46802
260-427-6155  or  260-427-2127