Monday, February 20, 2017

Flood Control Main


The Flood Control Department is responsible for ensuring that property damage is minimal due to flooding.  The Department continuously monitors and maintains the early flood warning system and its 34 sites and maintains approximately 15 miles of flood protection structures.  Flood Control is responsible for the repair and rehabilitation of all levees and floodwalls ensuring that they are in flood ready condition.  The Department writes federal grants and/or oversees the administration of approved federal grants, acquiring and demolishing residential and commercial properties in the floodplain and returning the land to green space.  The Department is also responsible for the National Flood Insurance Program’s (CRS) Community Rating System involving community floodplain management activities.  Because the city participates in this federal program residents are given a 10% discount on their flood insurance premiums.


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City of Fort Wayne Flood Hotline: 427-5862