The Internal Audit Department serves as an independent appraisal function within the City of Fort Wayne through assistance provided to our management team. We conduct risk based performance and compliance audits which are meant to provide accountability to the public and promote the efficient and effective use of city resources.


We are committed to the systematic, objective appraisal of the diverse operations and controls within the City to determine that financial and operational information is accurate and reliable, risks to the City are identified and minimized, external regulations and internal policies and procedures are followed, satisfactory standards are met, resources are used efficiently and economically, and the City's objectives are effectively and efficiently achieved; all for the purpose of assisting members of the organization in the effective discharge of their responsibilities.


Teresa M. Neumeier, CIA
Director of Internal Audit
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JP Thomas
Internal Auditor
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Open Position
Internal Auditor                                                                                                                                                                                 


Internal Audit reports directly to the Audit Committee and administratively to the City Attorney. The Audit Committee was established to consult with Internal Audit regarding technical issues and to work to assure maximum coordination between the work of Internal Audit and the needs of the Mayor and the Common Council. The committee also provides an independent and active oversight role to ensure that management provides appropriate consideration to any relevant recommendations that have been reported.

The Audit Committee consists of six appointed members:

Malak Heiny, City Attorney, City of Fort Wayne Mayor
Stefan Pittenger, CPA, Fiscal Affairs Director, Fort Wayne Community Schools Common Council
Mark Oetting, CPA, Oetting Insurance Common Council
C.J. Steigmeyer, CPA, VP of Finance & CFO, Allen County Memorial Coliseum* State Board of Accounts
Brooke Gardener, CPA, CIA, CISA, CITP, CCSFP, CHQP, Senior Manager -       Healthcare; Compliance Point, Inc. Institute of Internal Auditors
Nancy Townsend, Division Director Community Development, City of Fort Wayne Mayor


 * Audit Committee Chair


Meetings are scheduled at least quarterly and more frequently if necessary.   The meeting agendas are routed and publically posted prior to each meeting.   If you are interested in attending a meeting, please contact Internal Audit for the next planned meeting date.