Put These Items In Your Recycling Cart:

    PLASTICS #1-#7

Recycle plastics #1-#7 tubs, jugs, bottles. Rinse & remove lids from containers. Recycle loose lids in your cart. Labels do not need to be removed. There are seven different plastic recipes (types). To identify plastic type, look on the bottom of containers for number inside recycling arrows.


DO NOT RECYCLE-plastic toys, hangers or plastics without numbers, hoses, pool covers or holiday decorations. Do not put plastic bags in recycle carts-instead all plastic bags can be recycled at your local grocery store. This includes: grocery bags, dry cleaning bags, food bags (ie bread) and newspaper sleeves. Just remove receipts and crumbs.




Recycle clear, brown, green & blue glass. Rinse containers, no need to remove labels. Remove lids & bottle caps from containers and recycle them in your cart.

DO NOT RECYCLE-window glass, mirrors, kitchen dishes, drinking glasses or ceramics.


Metal Cans


Recycle all food & beverage metal cans-steel, tin, bi-metal & aluminum. Rinse cans and recycle lids. Also, recycle clean aluminum foil & aluminum food pans.

DO NOT RECYCLE-pots and pans or scrap metal in recycling carts. Instead, recycle at various drop-off locations around town (click here for more information).




Recycle clean, dry paper only. This includes: cardboard, newspaper with inserts, magazines, catalogs, paperback books, phone books & brochures. Cardboard must be cut into 3 foot pieces and flattened. Avoid wedging cardboard into carts. This may causes your cart not to be completely emptied when using the automated collection system.

DO NOT RECYCLE-hardback books or food contaminated paper.

Paper food containers  

Recycle clean, dry paper food boxes & containers including: egg, juice, ice cream & milk cartons, cereal & pasta boxes etc. It is not necessary to remove plastic windows from boxes.

DO NOT RECYCLE-food contaminated boxes such as greasy pizza boxes, tissue, toilet paper, napkins, paper towel, diapers or paper plates/cups.




Recycle envelopes, computer paper, junk mail, greeting cards, & file folders. Remove rubber bands, metal fasteners & spiral wires. Do not need to remove windows, stamps, labels, staples or tape.

DO NOT RECYCLE-laminated materials or food contaminated paper.


For other recycling options please visit the Allen County Solid Waste Management District.

Program Details

Yellow lid means recycling cart
Available to Fort Wayne Households paying for garbage/recycling through the City
More convenient with no sorting of materials (all recyclables go in one cart)
Curbside and alley collection is every other week
Recycling carts are 96 gallon & 48 gallon
No additional costs to participate (included in your monthly trash fee on your City Utilities Bill)