Meeting Documents

pdf Co-Location Cost Study (3/26/2010)

pdf City Council Update (3/23/2010)

pdf Pape City Council Presentation (2/2/2010)

pdf Final Two Building Use Recommendations (1/22/2010)

pdf Letter of Support - Donald Schenkel and local businesses (1/22/2010)

pdf Commissioner Peter's Co-location Proposal (12/29/2009)

pdf Cost estimates for City-County renovations (10/27/2009)

pdf Recommendations from City-County working group about office space needs (9/30/2009)

doc Mail in Survey on City-County office space needs (9/30/2009)

pdf RQ Presentation (8/20/2009)

pdf Mayor Henry Statement (7/13/2009)

pdf 200 East Berry Street Information (7/13/2009)

pdf Square Spread Sheet (6/26/2009)


City of Fort Wayne and Allen County Task Force Workbook

pdf Allen County's appraisal

pdf Allen County Building Backfill Options

pdf Allen County Primary Facilities

pdf Allen County's answers to Councilman Pape

pdf Architect Co-Location Report

pdf Space Utilization Task Force


A Community-based Solution to Local Government Space Needs

December 2009

pdf Table of Contents

pdf Section 1 - Lease Payment History and Lease Agreement between Board of Commissioners and City of Fort Wayne

pdf Section 2 - City Council Presentation for Purchase of Renaissance Square and Supporting Documentation for Renovations

pdf Section 3a - Cover Letter accompanying County Building Information to City Council

pdf Section 3b - County Building Information to City Council

pdf Section 4 - Facility Working Recommendations and Observations

pdf Section 5 - Public Input Session regarding Potential Space and Function Allocation

pdf Section 6 - Design Collaborative Allocation and Cost Study

pdf Section 7 - Schenkel Schultz Allocation and Cost Study

pdf Section 8 - Other Information

pdf 200 East Berry Street Financial Summary

pdf Legal Public Hearing Results

pdf Public Input Session Results