The official functions and duties of the City Clerk are set forth in Chapter 32.17 of the Fort Wayne City Code and chapter 36 of the Indiana Code. 

The City Clerk's office serves as a document and information resource to the City Council, all city departments, and the citizens of our city. The City Clerk is elected by the citizens of Fort Wayne every four years and can serve unlimited terms.

In addition to its overall mission of maintaining the official records of the City, the office of the City Clerk also performs the following:

  • Maintains custody, control filing and storage of all legislation papers, minutes and other written and recorded documents pertaining to the operation of city government

  • Oversees the entire legislative process, from introduction to final approval and publication

  • Prepares agendas for all council meetings

  • Schedules official City Council meetings and public hearings

  • Acts as a liaison with city department heads, outside agencies other branches of government and the general public on behalf of City Council

  • Responsible for the publication, updating and distribution of the Fort Wayne Code of Ordinances

  • Has available upon request for public reference and distribution the following documents: copies of all legislation, certificates, meeting notices, council minutes and any other matters of public information

  • Responsible for following through all requests of Council for information and/or reports from various city departments

  • Works in cooperation with the Office of the Mayor for the cable casting of all Council meetings as specified by City Council

  • Member of the Editorial Board for City TV

  • Director of Parking Enforcement


Welcome to the City Clerk's website!

Office hours:

Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Mailing address:

City Clerk's Office 
Citizens Square 
200 East Berry Street, Suite 110
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

For additional information about the City Clerk's office, contact one of the following numbers:

For the City Clerk and City Council meeting information


For Violations Bureau:




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