Parking Enforcement is a revenue-producing department that was placed under the supervision of the City Clerk in 1997. This Department is made up of the following employees: one supervisor, one installation and repair person, one assistant installation and repair person, five enforcement officers and one part-time supervisor for the VES (volunteer) Program.

This department generates revenue for the city through enforcement of applicable laws and city policies relating to vehicles parking in violation of city statutes, enforce city policies relating to residential parking and abandoned vehicle code infractions, respond to citizen complaints concerning abandoned vehicles, report illegal vehicles and other illegal activities to appropriate department, post “no parking” signs and bag meters for merchants in downtown area when needed.

You can reach Parking Enforcement by calling (260) 427-1208 Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Boards and Commissions Appointed by City Council

Application to serve on a board or commission

Animal Control Commission—this five-member board acts as a citizen advisory group for the Fort Wayne Department of Animal Care and Control, advising the Mayor, Public Safety Director and the Animal Control Director on policy and department direction. City Council appointments two citizens who serve three-year terms.

Board of Zoning Appeals—this five-member board adopts rules and procedures concerning the filing of appeals, the giving of notice and the conduct of its hearings and operations as necessary to carry out the duties of area zoning. City Council appoints one member to the board to serve a four-year term.

Cable Fund Access Board—this five-member board administers the grant process through which agencies receive City franchise fee revenues, allowing citizen input to ensure effective use of such revenues. City Council makes one citizen appointment to serve a one-year term.

County Economic Development Commission—this four-member Allen County board’s primary duty is the consideration of applications for industrial revenue bonds. City Council appoints one citizen who serves a four-year term.

Fort Wayne Economic Development Commission—this five-member board reviews applications for industrial revenue bonds and makes recommendations to the City Council on bond issuance. Commission also makes recommendation to Common Council on Economic Development Target areas. City Council appoints one member to serve a four-year term.

Fort Wayne Public Transportation Corporation-PTC/Citilink—this is a seven-member public transportation board that is responsible for executive, fiscal and legislative policy of the Public Transportation Corporation. City Council appoints three members to serve four-year terms. All members must reside within the PTC taxing district. Political balance is required by Indiana law.

Fort Wayne Redevelopment Commission—this five-member commission addresses blight, cessation of growth and lack of development within the City of Fort Wayne by promoting public/private partnerships in redevelopment areas, serving as a catalyst to assist and assure that redevelopment occurs. Appointees must be 18 years of age. City Council makes two appointments for terms of one-year.

Internal Audit Committee—the six-member board works with the City’s Internal Audit Department to evaluate and report on the City’s financial conditions and records, accuracy, and compliance with applicable laws. City Council has two appointments to the board, one of which must be a non-governmental CPA, licensed by the Indiana State Board of Accountancy. Terms are for one year.

Legacy Joint Funding Committee—this nine-member review committee is responsible for evaluating potential proposals requesting Legacy funding for projects. Committee members will provide recommendations to the Mayor and City Council. City Council appoints one citizen to serve for a one-year term.

Metropolitan Human Relations Commission—the seven-member Commission administers anti-discrimination legislation and ordinances with the City of Fort Wayne as authorized by the Indiana Civil Rights Act. City Council appoints three citizens to serve three-year terms. Members must reside within the city limits.Political balance is required.

Public Art Commission - this thirteen-member commission will govern the City's Public Art Program, and, as requested, advise other entities on public art projects. Meetings are held at least quarterly, and members must live within Fort Wayne. Commission will also oversee Public Art Fund. Term is for 4-years. More information can be found here.

Safe Housing & Building Oversight Committee—this nine-member board serves as an advisory group to assist the director of Neighborhood Code Enforcement (NCE) department in making recommendations, as needed, for NCE ordinance changes that require City Council approval. Board members are also responsible for setting NCE administrative fees. City Council appoints three citizens to serve three-year terms.

Urban Enterprise Association (UEA)—this board is the governing body for the Fort Wayne Enterprise Zone program, having the responsibility of overseeing projects within the Zone’s boundaries, and operates the FW Enterprise Center which assists small business owners and entrepreneurs in the Zone. City Council makes three appointments to the UEA to serve fouryear terms. Appointees must be a resident, a business owner or employee within the Zone’s boundaries.


Deferral of Prosecution Program Speeding Infractions

The Deferral Program is administered by the City Clerk's Office.


Eligibility and Ticket:

  • No Prior speeding tickets within one year from current ticket date, in State of Indiana

  • Ticket issued by FWPD, citing FW Local Ordinance #71-25, NOT State Statute

  • Not currently enrolled in this program. Can be enrolled in State program at same time.

  • 30 + MPH, Judge has to O.K. enrollment.

  • An individual will remain in the program for a period of ONE YEAR, during which time he/she cannot receive any additional moving violations or arrests.

  • Must address violation in some manner by date at bottom of ticket. See “Other”

  • Defendants under 18 years old are not elgible for this deferral program.


Absentee Defendant:

  • If the defendant is a student outside of FW, parent or guardian can enroll

  • Form cannot be mailed. Signature needs to be witnessed.

  • Attorney's can obtain form for client.



  •  One time basis only (unless approved by Court)


  • First apply at City Clerk's Office  (Violations Bureau)  200 E. Berry St., Suite 110


  • Must submit paperwork and pay fee at Misdemeanor/Traffic Court at the


  • Bud Meeks Criminal Justice Center @ 101 E. Superior St. Form


Fee and Payment:


  • The total cost for the program is a user fee cost of $143.00 for the applicable speed violation plus $81.50 Court costs.

  • Cash, money order, cashier's check ONLY, credit card, and in person.

  • Cannot mail, make check payable to Clerk of Allen County

  • Paying user fee, plus court costs, not paying ticket fine

  • Partial payments are not accepted by court


Other Points to Note:


- Clerks of court can reset court date (extension) one time, then judge has to.


- “Warrant” can be issued for NO SHOW on bench trial court date


  10+ mph         4 point ticket      to insurance carrier         BMV issues points   -9 mph           2 point  ticket                                         BMV issues points


- Fines on back of moving violation ticket includes court costs


- If appealing the ticket with bench trial and lose, cannot enroll in program


- FWPD cites FW ordinance or state statute, NHPD cites NH ordinance or state statute, ACPD cite AC local ordinance or state statute. NH cannot cite FW ordinance and vice versa.



- ACPD citing AC local ordinance-court can change to state statute to enable enrollment in state's deferral program. FWPD citing state statute, enroll in state's program.



- The BMV issues points. This is done at time of conviction. Pay = conviction


- Enrollment for speeding violations only!


- If the court has been sent to the BVM (when ticket has not been paid, past ticket deadline and grace period of 30 days) CANNOT ENROLL must pay ticket.


- If there are 2 tickets, one citing state statute and one local ordinance, i.e. seat belt violation and speeding, will probably be under “IF” cause number. Cannot split tickets-enroll in state's program.



Street Right-of-Way, Alley Right-of-Way and Easement Vacation Requests


  • Applicants must provide their name, address and telephone number
  • The petition must be typed or legibly printed on the required form
  • Any copies of information submitted must be clear and readable
  • A legal description of the area to be vacated must be complete and correct
  • A survey by a licensed surveyor may be required
  • If a utility is located in the area to be vacated, the petitioner(s) will be required to provide for utility relocation and/or replacement easements as needed     

Vacation Petition forms can be printed by clicking the link below or can be obtained at the City Clerk's Office (200 E Berry St, Suite 110, Fort Wayne IN 46802)

pdfVacation Petition


Corresponding fees must be paid when the request is submitted. These can be made in person at the Violations Bureau desk.

  •  Platted easement or alley right-of-way: $200.00
  •  Street right-of-way: $300.00


Petitioner completes the Vacation Petition form and provides payment

The Planning Department reviews and provides comment

The petition is submitted to appropriate utility groups for review and comment

They will return:

  •  No objections
  •  Relocations and/or easement for existing facilities will be required

The Planning Department reviews the petition and all comments returned, then reviews against criteria established by state law

If the petition meets all criteria and any objections or relocations are addressed, City Council will hold a Public Hearing and subsequent vote on the request

Violations Bureau 

Established and created by City Ordinance in 1998 (City Code Chapter 39), the City Clerk is the Administrator of the Violations Bureau.


Citizen's Square

200 E Berry St, Suite 110

Fort Wayne IN 46802

Contact number:

(260) 427-1208

Business Hours

Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

The Ordinance Violations Bureau accepts payments for the following situations:

    • Non-moving vehicle violations (parking tickets for various parking violations)
    • Department of Animal Control Violations
    • Department of Board of Health Violations
    • False Alarm Violations
    • Fire Department Violations
    • Open Container Violations
    • Skateboard Ordinance Violations
    • Abandoned Vehicle Violations
    • Neighborhood Code Violations
    • Solid Waste Violations

Payment Locations and Methods:

    1. In person at the Violations Bureau 
    2. Paid by check and mail to the above address
    3. Drop payment in “drop box” located on E. Berry Street in front of Citizens Square Bldg.
    4. Pay online at



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