Additional Agencies

  • The recommendations below have been provided by the American Red Cross and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to help keep you safe when a flooding situation has ocurred in your community and/or home.
  • Roads may be closed because they have been damaged and/or are covered by water. Barricades have been placed for your protection. If you come upon a barricade or a flooded road, go another way.
  • Listen to the radio about what to do, where to go or places to avoid.
  • Emergency workers will assist people in flooded areas. You can help them by staying off the roads & out of the way.
  • If you must walk or drive in areas that have been flooded:
    • Stay on firm ground. Moving water 6 inches deep can sweep you off your feet.
    • Water may be electrically charged from underground/downed power lines.
    • Avoid walking & driving through flooding. Flooding often erodes roads & walkways, which may cause familiar places to change & hides debris.
    • Play it safe. Additional flooding or flash floods can occur. If your car stalls in rapidly rising waters, get out immediately & climb to higher ground.







Existing Street Conditions 

  Click the links below to view or download a PDF map showing the existing street conditions by type of street.