Fleet Management
  •  About Us
    • The City of Fort Wayne's Fleet Management Department is responsible for keeping the City owned vehicles and equipment in service. We accomplish this in the most economic, effective, and environmentally friendly manner possible. We take pride knowing that we make a difference in improving the quality of life for the citizens of Fort Wayne. We currently maintain a diverse fleet of approximately 2,100 units which are also purchased, fueled and disposed of by our department. The Fleet Director also develops policies for the use of city vehicles and helps departments develop vehicle replacement programs. We operate two vehicle maintenance facilities and one centrally located fueling site.
  • Personnel:
    • The Fleet Department employs 29 employees. Of the total of employees, 1 Fleet Director, 1 Shop Supervisor, 1 Office Manager, 1 Admin Admin,1 Fleet Systems Analyst, 2 Service Writers, 19 technicians, and 3 Parts Clerks.
    • Our technicians are ASE Certified.
    • We are committed to the continued education of our staff.
    • Fleet Director oversees the department budget, provides expertise in procurement and disposal of vehicles and equipment and works closely with the Mayor and City Council on department issues.
    • Shop Supervisor handles daily operations of the two maintenance facilities.
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  Fleet Management - Accomplishments and Awards
  • City of Fort Wayne, Fleet Director  - Larry Campbell


  • AFFILIATIONS (past & present)
    • Greater Indiana Clean Cities Board of Directors - 17 years service as President, Vice President, and Director
    • National APWA Certification Council - Board Member
    • Sourcewell Fleet Equipment Advisory Council - Board Member
    • Indiana Chapter of the APWA - Board Member
    • Ford Police Advisory Board - Board Member
    • Implementing an environmental management system for waste stream of hazard materials
    • Adding oil separators in garage to reduce its concentration in storm drains
    • Recycling all used oil, antifreeze, cardboard, plastics and steel.
    • Decreasing lighting costs and energy use, computer usage, thermostats and heater energy.
    • Start of the Green Fleet
    • #5 in “100 Best” Fleets from Fleet Magazine 2019

    • One of the 100 Best Fleets since 2005 through 2019

    • #9 in "Green Fleet" in 2016

    • #9 and  #3 in "Leading Fleets" from Fleet Magazine in 2018 and 2019 respectively

    • Hybrid Award for Innovations in Hybrids from the Indiana Clean Cities Association 

    • ASE Blue Seal Recognition for the facility

    • Public Fleet Hall of Fame- 2014, Larry Campbell is inducted into "Public Fleet Hall of Fame" by Government Fleet magazine
    • Public Sector Fleet Manager of the Year - 2012, Larry Campbell awarded "Public Sector Fleet Manager of the Year" by Governement Fleet magazine
    • Sustainability All Stars - 2011, Larry Campbell named as one the "Green Fleet Sustainability All Stars" by Green Fleet magazine
    • Recognition by CIty of Fort Wayne City Council




  Vehicle/Equipment Downtime
  • What is downtime?
    • Downtime refers to the period of time when a vehicle or piece of equipment is unavailable due to factors such as planned or unplanned maintenance, repairs, and replacements
  • Our main goal is to keep the vehicles on the road with minimal "down time"

    We have in place a very efficient Preventative Maintenance (PM) prgram where each unit is scheduled for filter changes at the appropriate intervals specific to each piece of equipment.

  • In our efforts to keep our down time to a minimum, the City of Fort Wayne established the following goals:
    • Turnaround Time Goals:  
      • 24 Hours - 80%
      • 48 Hours - 90%
  • These numbers reflect heavy, medium, light, small, and special equipment.
  • Public Safety Fleet, such as Police and Fire vehicles, maintain higher turnaround percentage goals of 85% and 95%.
  • During the PM Service a complete inspection can check for potential problems before they happen.
  • Using this practice we can make minor repairs before they turn into large and costly ones
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Fleet Utility Front CompressedFleet Mangement is located at:

1705 Lafayette St.,
Fort Wayne, IN 46803-2320

Phone: (260) 427-2378

Fax: (260) 427-1045

Hours: 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

For scheduling a maintenance, call (260) 427-2391

City GarageHours:

6:30 a.m. - 11 p.m.


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Fleet Manager/Director



Fleet Management
  •  Mission: 
    • To provide City of Fort Wayne employees with appropriate transportation in the most economic, environmentally friendly and effective manner by following procedures developed to match each department's specific job function and utilization to the appropriate equipment specificatoins. 

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