The Fleet Department has been entrusted with the task of maintaining a centrally located fuel site, with a total capacity of 30,400 gallons of gasoline, bio-diesel (B20) and DEF fluid. This fueling station is vital to the operation of our emergency vehicles as well as the rest of the fleet. The City of Fort Wayne is committed to maintaining this fuel site in accordance with all Federal, State, and local environmental regulations ensuring a cleaner environment for the citizens of Fort Wayne. The City of Fort Wayne also partners with Lassus Brothers Oil, Inc. to provide 15 remote fueling locations throughout the city. This service allows city employees to remain in their designated part of town during working hours without having to be "out of service" to fuel their vehicles. With the addition of the Lassus stations, the city is able to utilize E85 and E30. These fuel types have proven cost effective and environmentally friendly.