A resolution of the Fort Wayne Board of Public Works revised a policy for the utilization of City of Fort Wayne street light poles for displaying banners. This policy has two segments. One providing guidelines for banners in the Fort Wayne Central Business District, herein called CBD Banners, and the other providing guidelines in locations other than the Central Business District, herein called Neighborhood Banners.



The purpose of permitting banners in the Central Business District (CBD) is to provide a festive atmosphere in the area. Banners will help to beautify downtown and reflect activities taking place in the City. They will be designed to attract the attention of vehicular as well as pedestrian traffic in order to promote activities and events of interest to the entire community.

Areas of particular interest, such as Freimann Square, the City-County Building, the Grand Wayne Center, the Performing Arts Center, and the north, south, east and west traffic corridors will be promoted as the primary areas within the CBD to display banners.

The purpose of permitting banners in neighborhoods is to provide for individual neighborhood name identification, local activities and events, and neighborhood recreational facilities.




In the CBD, all poles that are designated for approval to install banners are shown on the CBD Map. See instructions in A.1.

In neighborhoods, only certain poles belong to the City and some may not be approved by City Street Light Operations for banner display. Other poles, even though they may have street lights, belong to private utilities, e.g.: AEP, Verizon and Comcast. The City has no authority to grant permission to display banners on these poles. Permission to install banners would have to be obtained from the respective pole owners. All banners, however, that are to be displayed over public right-of-way must be approved by the City of Fort Wayne Sign Review Board and the Board of Public Works must approve the use of any City of Fort Wayne street light poles, according to the aforementioned resolution, based on the recommendation of City Street Light Operations.


All inquiries should be directed to the Supervisor of Traffic Operations at 427-5282.

1. Click on MAP to display Central Business District boundaries. Select either a Central Business District or a Neighborhood package. Download and print the contents of the selected package.

2. Carefully read all procedures and specifications included in the package.

3. Complete the Banner Design Application for Approval form, the Banner Services Reservation form for CBD banners or the Banner Installation and Maintenance Agreement form for Neighborhood banners, and the Banner Location Request form. (All forms located in the package referred to in A.1.)

Artwork for proposed banners (in color and drawn to scale) must be provided for review and approval.

4. Return the three forms along with the artwork to the Transportation Administration office, Citizens Square, 200 E. Berry St., Suite 210 shown in A.1. or complete and return the forms on line per the instructions on the website.

5. The Banner Design Application for Approval form and artwork will go to the Sign Review Board (SRB) for review and approval. Applicants are encouraged to contact the SRB staff prior to submitting the Approval Form at 427-1140, to discuss design proposals. Applications received by the end of the first week of the month will be considered by the SRB during the meeting that month to allow for SRB staff review prior to the meeting. The SRB reserves the right to refuse a banner design.

6. When approved, the SRB will issue a Certificate of Approval which will be sent to the applicant and copied to City Traffic Operations Sign Division who will then initiate a review of the Banner Services Reservation form or the Banner Installation and Maintenance Agreement form. When complete; Traffic Operations will report their recommendation to the applicant.


It is strongly recommended that no banners be produced prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Approval from the Sign Review Board and approval from Traffic Operations Sign Division.

It is also recommended that all forms be completed and returned as early as possible, but no later than 60 days before the beginning of the month in which banners are to be displayed. The City reserves the right to deny banner service to any organization which submits late forms. Forms will not be accepted prior to one year before the banners are to be installed.

In the CBD, the two month period from mid-November to mid-January is reserved exclusively for banners reflecting holiday related activities and events and sponsored by not-for-profit organizations. All such banners must meet the requirements of Section I, II, and III under the Banner Service Policy of the Fort Wayne Board of Public Works Banner Resolution.



1. Download the appropriate package referred to in A.1.

2. Complete only the Banner Service Reservation form for CBD banners or the Banner Installation and Maintenance Agreement form for Neighborhood Banners along with the Banner Location Request form. (All forms located in the package referred to in A.1.)

3. Return these forms, along with a copy of the previous SRB Certificate of Approval or the SRB Case Number, as shown in A.4. at least thirty (30) days prior to the first day the banners are to be in place. The City reserves the right to deny banner service to any organization which submits late forms.

4. Traffic Operations will review the respective forms and report their recommendation to the applicant.


Weekend Events:  Saturday, April 23, 2016, The Color Run 5K

Route: Starting at Parkview Field. Baker St to Harrison St. Left onto W. Woodland, right onto S. Calhoun, right onto Pontiac, left onto Harrison, right onto W. Packard, right onto Hoagland, left onto Bass, right onto Fairfield, right onto Baker and return to Parkview Field.

Map of the Central Business District

If you would like your banner to appear on any of the street light poles located within the boundaries of the following map, please download the Business District Package. (Requires Acrobat Reader.)

If the street light pole does not appear on this map, download the  Neighborhood Package.  (Requires Acrobat Reader.)

After downloading; read the package information, fill out the forms and mail or submit to Citizens Square, Attn: Transportation Administration, 200 E. Berry St., Ste 210, Fort Wayne, IN 46802.

Current 2018 CBD banner map

LED Street Lights

The City of Fort Wayne is evaluating the use of new LED street lights and would like your opinion.
You may view the LED fixtures at the following locations:

hanna mckinnie anthony LED


Please visit these new street light locations, then This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • Anthony Boulevard (railroad underpass top picture)
  • Ardmore Avenue (between West Jefferson Boulevard and Taylor Street)
  • Broadway (North of Bluffton Road)
  • Burnham Woods Lane 
  • Centennial Industrial Park (between Goshen Road and Hillegas Road)
  • Coldwater Road (from Coliseum Boulevard to Washington Center Road)
  • Coldwater Road and Union Chapel Road (Intersection)
  • Coliseum Boulevard (from New Haven Avenue to east of Goshen Road)
  • 200 East Berry Street (at the new Citizens Square Office Building)
  • East Pontiac Street (between Anthony Boulevard and Warsaw Street)
  • 500-1000 East Washington Boulevard 
  • East Washington Boulevard and Coliseum Boulevard (The cloverleaf intersection)
  • Fairfield Avenue and Ewing Street (Railroad underpasses south of Superior Street)
  • Hanna Street (The railroad underpass)
  • Hillegas Road and Butler Road intersection 
  • Hillegas Road and California Road intersection 
  • Hillegas Road and Independence Drive intersection 
  • Maysville Road Roundabout 
  • McKinnie Avenue (from Anthony Boulevard to Hessen Cassel Road)
  • 3700-3800 Plymouth Road 
  • S. Anthony Boulevard (Several intersections - bottom picture)
  • Saint Joe Center Road and Wheelock Road (Intersection)
  • South Harrison Street (The railroad underpass south of Baker Street)
  • Stellhorn Road and Arlington Parkway (Intersection)
  • Superior Circle Roundabout 
  • The History Center parking lot 
  • West Jefferson Boulevard (Railroad Underpass)
  • West Jefferson Boulevard and South Harrison Street (at the SW corner)
  • West Main Street (between Leesburg Road and the Saint Mary’s River)



FWPW TrafficEng RBG
Street Closings & Lane Restrictions
Visit the interactive road closure map at
to view up-to-the-minute closure information as well as additional details not listed below 
Closure/Restriction Start Date Est. End Date Location From To Description
Lane restriction 9/22/2020 9/23/2020 Jefferson Blvd Apple Glen Drive Illinois Rd Work on communication lines
Lane restriction 9/21/2020 9/21/2020 Wells St Fernhill Franke Park Dr gas line maint
Lane restriction 9/21/2020 9/22/2020 Maplecrest Rd Lake Ave Parrott Rd Bridge Maintenance
Lane restriction 9/21/2020 9/24/2020 Calhoun St Packard  Pontiac Utility line work
Lane restriction 9/17/2020 9/25/2020 Stellhorn Rd Maplecrest Rd Lahmeyer Rd Work on communication lines
Lane restriction 9/16/2020 9/22/2020 Clinton St  & Edgewood Ave Lima  Coldwater City of FW - Resurfacing Project
Lane restriction 9/8/2020 9/22/2020 Maplecrest St Joe Center Rd I-469 Communication line work
Lane restriction 8/27/2020 12/15/2020 Washington Center Rd Lima  Innovation City of Fort Wayne sidewalk project
Road closure 8/24/2020 9/30/2020 Taylor Extended - Williams & Masterson Merrge Lanes Fairfield Avenue  Williams St & Masterson Ave ISDH Tactical Urbanism Grant - ACT/Hoagland Masterson Traffic Calming Project
Road closure 8/24/2020 10/30/2020 E Wayne/Hanna  <Null> <Null> City Utilities Project
Road closure 8/17/2020 10/19/2020 McKee St Queen  Alexander COFW Concrete Street Project
Road closure 8/13/2020 12/13/2020 Northside Dr Saint Joseph Blvd Pleasant City Utilities Project 
Road closure 7/15/2020 12/18/2020 Parnell State St Joseph Blvd City Utilities St Joe Interceptor Project
Lane restriction 7/7/2020 10/12/2020 Hobson Rd Coliseum Blvd Stellhorn Rd COFW Road Reconstruction
Lane restriction 6/12/2020 10/1/2020 State Blvd Wells St N Clinton Open w/1 lane each direction, Motorists will not have access to turn onto the neighborhood side streets, but able to turn at Wells & Clinton
Road closure 6/1/2020 11/30/2020 E State Blvd Bellshire Way Maysville City of FW Bridge Replacement Project
Road closure 5/18/2020 1/29/2021 Mt Vernon Pk  5200 Blk Mt Vernon to Roosevelt Roosevelt @ Smith  CIty of FW - Sewer Utility  Project 
Road closure 4/22/2020 9/30/2020 Evard Bandon Ramblewood City Utilities Project
Lane restriction 4/7/2020 10/1/2020 Maplecrest Rd Trier State Maplecrest Widening Project 
Lane restriction 11/18/2019 7/15/2021 Jackson, and W Berry at St Joe Hospital Proj Site Jackson from Main to W Berry W. Berry from Jackson to Van Buren St. Joe Hospital Proj