Street Light Engineering

This department designs & maintains the City's street lighting system, which includes upgrading lighting fixtures for neighborhood and arterial lighting.

  • For Outages or to report problems with your street light please call:
    • Street Light Operations at 427-5282   or call 311
  • The City of Fort Wayne has been installing LED street lights in various locations since 2010. 
  • The LED street lights typically use 60% less energy than traditional sodium or metal halide fixtures. The “cooler”, or “whiter” light allows the human eye to more easily discern the color of an object, a benefit to both motorists and law enforcement personnel. The city has chosen LED fixtures that are “Dark Sky” compliant, focusing the light on the roadway and sidewalk, and reducing light pollution. The new LED's are expected to last 7 times longer than standard light bulbs, and will require virtually no maintenance for 15-25 years. There are currently over 6,400 LED street light fixtures in use in the city. The city’s experience with LED technology dates to 2005, when all of the incandescent bulbs in the traffic signals were replaced with LED’s. This project saves taxpayers $145,000 annually in the cost of electricity.
  • Click here to see current LED LOCATIONS and tell us what you think

 To report a street light or alley light outage - Call 427-8311 or 311 OR report here on-line.

To contact our department:
  • Please call (260) 427-2787 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..