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Street Closings & Lane Restrictions
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Type Location From To Start Date Est. End Date Description
Road closure Meyer Rd New Haven Ave SR 930 11/23/2020 11/25/2020 Railroad track repairs
Lane restriction Columbia Ave St Joe Blvd Clay St 11/21/2020 11/25/2020 Bridge Maintenance
Lane restriction W Coliseum Blvd Hillegas Goshen Rd 11/18/2020 11/25/2020 Gas line work
Lane restriction Airport Expy Airport Drive Bluffton Road 11/18/2020 11/25/2020 Bridge Maintenance
Road closure Wrangler Trail Del Rio Bridlewood 11/16/2020 11/23/2020 Concrete repair
Lane restriction Calhoun Dewald  Leith 11/16/2020 11/25/2020 Utility line work
Lane restriction Broadway Washington Main 11/16/2020 11/25/2020 Utility line work
Lane restriction Maplecrest Stellhorn Trier 11/2/2020 12/18/2020 Maplecrest Road Widening Project - work on temporary road widening 
Lane restriction Lima Valley Dr Northbury Pepperwood Ct 10/30/2020 11/30/2020 Street light project
Road closure St Joseph Blvd State Blvd Tennessee 10/21/2020 1/20/2021 City Utilities St Joe Interceptor Project
Lane restriction Chase Creek Run Agora Dr Cul-de-sac 10/12/2020 12/31/2020 Street light project
Lane restriction Hope Farm, Antebellum, Devereux, Duneleith, Hermitage Pl <Null> <Null> 10/12/2020 12/31/2020 Street light project
Lane restriction Challenger Parkway Washington Ctr Cross Creek Blvd 9/30/2020 11/30/2020 City of FW Proj. - intermittent restrictions & traffic re-routing throughout span of project to allow for local business access
Lane restriction Washington Center Rd Lima  Innovation 8/27/2020 12/15/2020 City of Fort Wayne sidewalk project
Road closure Taylor Extended - Williams & Masterson Merge Lanes Fairfield Avenue  Williams St & Masterson Ave 8/24/2020 12/31/2020 ISDH Tactical Urbanism Grant - ACT/Hoagland Masterson Traffic Calming Project
Road closure Northside Dr Saint Joseph Blvd Pleasant 8/13/2020 12/13/2020 City Utilities Project 
Road closure E State Blvd Bellshire Way Maysville 6/1/2020 12/10/2020 City of FW Bridge Replacement Project
Road closure Mt Vernon Pk  5200 Blk Mt Vernon to Roosevelt Roosevelt @ Smith  5/18/2020 1/29/2021 CIty of FW - Sewer Utility  Project 
Road closure Charlotte Ave Leroy  Hubertus 2/27/2020 12/31/2020 COFW Waterline Replacement Project
Lane restriction Jackson, and W Berry at St Joe Hospital Proj Site Jackson from Main to W Berry W. Berry from Jackson to Van Buren 11/18/2019 7/15/2021 St. Joe Hospital Proj