This page provides a basic listing of local road closures and restrictions. 
PLEASE NOTE the information displayed in the list below may not be the most updated information available

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Lane restriction 6/1/2020 6/1/2020 St Joe Center Rd Lahmeyer Hazelett gas line maint
Road closure 6/1/2020 11/30/2020 E State Blvd Bellshire Way Maysville City of FW Bridge Replacement Project
Lane restriction 6/1/2020 6/3/2020 Rudisill Blvd Webster  Hoagland Sewer line maint
Lane restriction 6/1/2020 6/1/2020 Hanna St  Drexel Oxford Gas line work
Road closure 5/26/2020 5/29/2020 Hillegas Rd Goshen Rd California Rd Install storm sewer lines
Road closure 5/21/2020 6/1/2020 S. Hanna - n/s Alley 4500 blk E Sherwood Terr to Congress b/t Weisser Pk Ave & S Hanna  sewer line maint.
Road closure 5/20/2020 6/5/2020 Gilford Dr Bluffton Drake Replacement of 1/2 of concrete street for City Utilities Project 
Road closure 5/18/2020 7/3/2020 North Highlands - Various neighborhood streets n/a n/a City of FW - Water Main Project (open to local traffic only)
Road closure 5/18/2020 1/29/2021 Mt Vernon Pk  5200 Blk Mt Vernon to Roosevelt Roosevelt @ Smith  CIty of FW - Sewer Utility  Project 
Lane restriction 5/18/2020 6/8/2020 Airport Expwy Lower Huntington Winchester City of Fort Wayne Improvement Project
Lane restriction 5/11/2020 6/5/2020 W. Coliseum @ Hillegas n/a n/a n/a
Road closure 5/5/2020 6/30/2020 Superior St S Clinton Barr City Utilities Project
Lane restriction 4/24/2020 7/15/2020 So Wayne / W. Sherwood Terrace n/a n/a Median Closed on So Wayne along W Sherwood Terrace for watermain project
Road closure 4/15/2020 7/15/2020 S. Wayne @ W. Maplegrove n/a n/a City Utilities Engineering Project
Road closure 4/13/2020 6/12/2020 State Blvd Wells St N Clinton State Blvd Improvement Project
Road closure 4/7/2020 n/a E. Branning - Alley b/h 200 blk S. Calhoun S. Clinton n/a
Lane restriction 4/7/2020 10/1/2020 Maplecrest Rd Trier State Maplecrest Widening Project 
Lane restriction 4/1/2020 5/29/2020 Lahmeyer Antebellum Trier Rd City of Fort Wayne Sidewalk Project
Lane restriction 3/9/2020 6/8/2020 Calhoun St Main St Columbia St Construction on Rousseau Centre
Road closure 2/17/2020 7/31/2020 Huffman St Oakland St Jessie Ave City of Fort Wayne Storm Sewer Project
Lane restriction 2/13/2020 9/30/2020 Sherman Blvd Goshen Russell Work on the roundabout portion of the Goshen Avenue improvement project 
Lane restriction 11/18/2019 7/15/2021 W. Main St Jackson to Van Buren  W. Berry St. Joe Hospital Proj 
Road closure 9/25/2019 8/14/2020 Balsam, Tulip Tree, Red Haw n/a n/a City Utilities project 
Lane restriction 7/17/2019 6/1/2020 Lafayette St  Jefferson Washington construction of new Rescue Mission
Lane restriction 7/16/2019 10/23/2020 Goshen Ave W. State Blvd. Cambridge Ave City of FW reconstruction project
Road closure 7/8/2019 5/30/2020 Broadway / Rudisill Intersection n/a n/a sewer consolidation
Lane restriction 7/8/2019 6/15/2020 Aboite Meadows Nbhd. n/a n/a City of FW concrete reconstruction project
Road closure 4/22/2019 7/10/2020 Ardmore Airport Expy Fort Wayne International Northbound lane closed 
Road closure 9/18/2018 6/30/2020 Thieme Drive  n/a n/a City of FW tunnel project
Road closure 5/22/2018 7/31/2020 Camp Allen Dr Elm W. Main St. City utilities tunnel project